20 AUGUST 1995

Dear Prescott: How are you? I hope well and still more than a lonely pilgrim at Reason's Shrine, carrying a heart as well as a mind to the unlistening world. I deeply appreciate all you are doing, and know something of the labor and the pains that this involves, and though the struggle will often feel that naught avails, there is no other course for people like you and me, than to struggle on---and thereby brings the explanation for my not having been able to write you and thank you for the IWWC 4/95 in which you said so much about me. Time is the enemy and wounds us with its days...but what remains is the necessity of going on as if by our labors we shall succeed!

So cheerup, the worst is yet to be. Mr. Gingrich and Hernstein and Murray may sell millions of books, and ours hardly get noticed, their's a chance we may yet be heard, if not now...when? It's a race, as H.G. Well's so well said, between education & catastrophe.

In passing there are a number of serious errors in 4/95. Please when you write about me send me the ms. for me to proof and I'll be only too happy to make any corrections.



What is your best address, phone and fax numbers. And how are the Reillys

p.s. The errors referred to by Ashley in my Commemorative Essay involved, as I recall, the statements that he taught at Harvard and was Chair, Department of Anthropology, Princeton University. Ashley frequently taught at Princeton but was evidently not formally the Chair, Department of Anthropology.—jwp (3/26/02).

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