4 January 2006


I do not believe that I am too hard on Paul Kurtz. The fact that he and Rob
Tielman prevented the Montagu Resolution
from coming to the floor of the IHEU General Assembly for debate and
passage--several occasions-- and that he has not changed his position with
with respect to CODESH and now the Council on Secular Humanism with his
refusal to present it before his recent World Congress for action speaks
volumes on his lack of compassion, care and Humanism with respect to the
genital mutilation of male children.

The fact that the IHEU took strong opposition to female genital mutilation
but not male genital mutilation, when given the opportunity to do so, also
speaks volumes on the lack of humanism within the IHEU and its acts of
indifference to the human rights violations of male children and their pain
and suffering by the IHEU.

Roy Brown has informed me that he has requested the Executive Committee to
place the Montagu Resolution on the agenda of the IHEU General Assembly this
coming April. I have requested information on the actions taken by the
Executive Committee on the Montagu Resolution from Roy Brown, which met in
early December, but have yet to hear from him.

The Humanist Fellowship of San Diego has also requested that the Board of
Directors of the American Humanist Association take up the Montagu Resolution
for endorsement at their next meeting. You are aware that Edd Doerr, when he
was President of the AHA blocked this resolution to oppose the genital
mutilation of all children since I first proposed it to them in 1986 and in
numerous subsequent attempts. The AHA will have an opportunity to reverse
itself and to support the Montagu Resolution to End the Genital Mutilation of
Children Worldwide: A Petition to the World Court, The Hague, at
http://www.montagunocircpetition.org or remain in the class of Dehumanists.

You should be aware that it is a crime within the United States to mutilate
the genitals of females under the Federal Prohibition of Female Genital
Mutilation Act of 1995 and under the equal protection clause of the 14th
Amendment must include males, as well. See http://www.montagunocircpetition.org/humanist_voices.pg

We shall wait to see how much Humanism is left within the IHEU and the AHA.
Paul Kurtz's group has already spoken, which has refused to endorse the
Montagu Resolution.

Perhaps we can enlist your good name and office to encourage the IHEU and the
AHA to endorse the Montagu Resolution.


James W. Prescott, Ph.D.
1140-17 Savannah Road
Lewes, DE 19958
jprescott34 at (remove this part) comcast.net

> From: "Vern Bullough" 
> To: "'James Prescott'" 
> Subject: RE: Happy New Year from Dr. James Prescott
> Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2006 10:24:10 -0800
> I think you probably are a bit too hard on Paul. I also was a co president
> of the IHEU and while we took stands at international congresses including
> against genital mutilation, the IHEU presidency in itself could not do it.
> Keep me informed of your activity. I am always interested in hearing from
> you. Vern
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>> Subject: RE: Happy New Year from Dr. James Prescott
>> 3 Tuesday 2005
>> Vern,
>> As represented on the three websites below and continuing correspondence
>> with NIH officials concerning their neglect of scientific evidence that
>> commercial infant formula milk has significant deficiencies in the
>> essential amino acids that result in developmental brain disorders and
>> behavior that includes increased vulnerability to depression, violence and
>> drug addiction and other issues. All spelled out in the article forwarded
>> to you by Susan. New address and phone numbers listed below.
>> Paul Kurtz, has again, refused to endorse the Montagu Resolution to End the
>> Genial Mutilation of Children Worldwide, a continuing dark chapter in the
>> history of modern humanism. His excuse is that the Council of Secular
>> Humanism has a policy not to pass resolutions. Then change the damn policy.
>> He had an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference at the recent
>> World Congress to bring national attention to this crime against humanity
>> but failed to do so like he failed to act on this issue when he was
>> Co-President of IHEU with Rob Thielman in the late 1980s.
>> Contemporary humanism is a failure, has not made a dent on the major issues
>> that afflict humanity. Otherwise, just trying to keep afloat and do what I
>> can. See activity on preserving the Constitutional Rights of Women to be
>> Mothers by Choice in section on "Abortion and the Legislation of Religion",
>> another action that Paul Kurtz failed to act upon, at:
>> http://www.violence.de/politics.shtml—scroll to bottom of page.
>> Jim
>>> Good to hear from you if only indirectly.  What are you doing now?  Vern
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>>>> this is a great article - a little *academic,* of course, but well worth
>>>> the effort.
>>>> peace through pleasure,
>>>> suzy
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>>>>> Subject: Happy New Year
>>>>> 31 December 2005
>>>>> Hi Susan,
>>>>> Some changes in my life with the new address below plus an article that
>>>>> has just been published and is posted at:
>>>>> http://www.violence.de/prescott/letters/PPI1w.pdf
>>>>> James W. Prescott, Ph.D. (2005): Prevention Or Therapy And The Politics
>>>>> of Trust: Inspiring a New Human Agenda.
>>>>> This is a preprint of an article published in: Psychotherapy and Politics
>>>>> International (2005) 3(3):194-211, Copyright 2005. Copyright John Wiley &
>>>>> Sons, Ltd. http://www.interscience.wiley.com (last modified Saturday,
>>>>> 31-Dec-2005 21:12:48 CET).
>>>>> Some new material and repackaging some old material into a new gestalt
>>>>> that have not had the opportunity to present before. Will not be well
>>>>> received as it lays accountability of the pathological violence of homo
>>>>> sapiens to the monotheisitic religions, sexual puritanism and failure to
>>>>> form the foundation in brain structure and function for affectional
>>>>> bonding behaviors. You will appreciate the material on the Canela tribe
>>>>> that parallels the Bonbo culture in their egalitarian and peaceful
>>>>> behaviors with high maternal-infant/child bonding and lots of sex.
>>>>> Have a Happy New Year, as best we can in this pathologically violent
>>>>> culture that we have created.
>>>>> Best
>>>>> Jim
>>>>> James W. Prescott, Ph.D.
>>>>> Institute of Humanistic Science
>>>>> 1140-17 Savannah Road
>>>>> Lewes, DE 19958
>>>>> 302.645.7436
>>>>> jprescott34 at (remove this part) comcast.net
>>>>> http://www.violence.de
>>>>> http://www.ttfuture.org/Prescott
>>>>> http://www.montagunocircpetition.org

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