Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 11:25:59 -0500
To: Dr Beverly Whipple 
From: jwprescott 
Subject: Montagu Resolution, World Court, World Congress of Sexology, Fidel Castro, etc 
Cc: "Van Lewis" , Marilyn Milos , Michael Mendizza 
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Dear Beverly,

A priority mail package was posted yesterday to you that contains relevant correspondence and documents regarding 
the Ashley Montagu Resolution To End The Genital Mutilation of Children Worldwide: A Petition To The World Court, 
The Hague, which can be seen at: 

Given the possibility of not receiving this package before you leave, I am including as much of that information 
in this email. This includes my letter to Cuban U.N. Ambassador Bruno Rodriguez Parrila with a request that he 
forward this material to President Fidel Castro Ruz to petition the World Court to review and act upon the Montagu 
Resolution. Only Heads of State can petition the World Court. The history and reason for this request is fully 
explained on the website, materials sent and attachments. 

The Montagu Resolution has been endorsed by Nobel Laureate Francis Crick and Jonas Salk, Founder of the Salk 
Institute and these letters can be found at the website plus other endorsers. 

Also attached are letters to Mr. Dagoberto Gonzalez, Chief Cuban Interest Section that is attached to the Swiss 
Embassy, as their is no Cuban Embassy in the U.S; to Mariela Castro Espin, M.Sc. Presidenta XVI Congreso Mundial 
de Sexologia that apprizes her of these actions and requests that the XVI World Congress of Sexology endorse the 
Montagu Resolution. I have discovered that there is no way to mail or send anything to Cuba, including Federal 
Express. Perhaps you can email my letter to her and this email, as I do not have her email. I will attempt to have 
the package sent to her through the Cuban U.N. Ambassador. 

Attached are the letters sent and URLs of relevant documents that can be downloaded. 

This is an extraordinary opportunity for Cuba and the XVI World Congress of Sexology to assure the human rights, 
sexual, emotional, mental and physical health of all children by abolishing the barbaric practice of ritual 
circumcision worldwide. In my letter to you, I have requested your assistance in this endeavor. 

Looking forward to a very successful Congress. 



James W. Prescott, Ph.D.
Institute of Humanistic Science
212 Woodsedge Drive
Lansing, NY 14882


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