James W. Prescott, Ph.D. (USA) & Van Lewis (USA)

A documentary film will be shown (13 minutes) that dramatizes how failed bonding in the mother-infant/child relationship results in developmental depression, impulse dyscontrol and homicidal violence later in life. Low or failed breastfeeding bonding impairs brain serotonin development, failed intimacy with the female body, denial of youth sexual expression and a sexual puritanism that results in depression and suicide later in life. Cross-cultural studies of tribal cultures have shown that baby-carrying bonding can predict peaceful or homicidal violence in 49 tribal cultures studied with 80% accuracy. 77% of 26 tribal cultures with weaning age of 2.5 years or longer are rated low or absent in suicide where 82% of these cultures support youth sexual expression. Genital mutilation of children impairs mother-infant bonding and sexual affectional bonding by alteration of the pain-pleasure systems of the brain and provides the initial foundation for sado-masochistic behaviors. High mother-infant/child somatic bonding and lack of genital mutilation are essential for sexual and emotional health. Handouts that summarizes these scientific findings will be given where more detailed scientific data can be found at the following websites: -

XVI World Congress of Sexology, Havana, Cuba March 10-14, 2003

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