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Name: Gerald Larue, Ph.D.


Gender: Male

Education: Completed Post-Graduate College
Award/Prize/Recognition: Humanist of the Year (1989)
Biblical Scholar and USC Professor-Emeritus opposed genital
mutilations in "Religious Traditions and Circumcision" (Truth Seeker
July/August 1989). Dr. Larue provided the following additional

The practice of male and female circumcision is based on mindless
adherence to outmoded folk customs and questionable religious and
medical dogma. It is not enough simply to protest this barbaric
maltreatment of children; it is necessary to exercise control to
protect children. Only world-wide legislation outlawing circumcision
(except in extreme cases of medical necessity) and providing fines
and punishment for those who continue to mutilate children's sexual
organs, whether in the name of religion or tradition , will provide
the needed protection.

I heartily support The Ashley Montagu Commemorative Resolution to End
the Genital Mutilation of Children  Worldwide.

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