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Name: Thomas Szasz, M.D.


Gender: Male

Education: Completed Post-Graduate College
Occupation: None Selected
Award/Prize/Recognition: Humanist of the Year (1973)
Humanist of The Year (1973)

Internationally renowned psychiatrist; defender of the people against
abuses from the medical profession, particularly psychiatry, stated
in his distinguished address before the Third International Symposium
On Circumcision (1994):

When slavery was a custom, every right-minded person supported it.
Nothing is as powerful a legitimizer as social custom, even more
powerful than law...  Circumcision is a kind of sublimation or
improvement over child sacrifice (i.e., it's better to sacrifice the
foreskin than the whole child). It's a ritual....Both (MGM and
FGM--Male/Female Genital Mutilation) alter the normal anatomy of the
genital organs without the consent of the individual. Saying anything
more is overkill!

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