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Name: Mr. Jed Diamond, Licensed Clinical Social Work

34133 Shimmins Ridge Rd.
Willits CA 95490

Email Address: jed at (remove this part)

Phone Number: 707 459-5505

Website: (Opens in a new window)

Birthdate: December 21, 1943
Gender: Male

Education: Completed Post-Graduate College
Religion: Judaism- Orthodox
Occupation: None Selected
Author and Psychotherapist
Understanding the pain and loss of function I have caused my son has
been one of the greatest sources of grief I carry as a parent. One of
my greatest joys in life is that I was able to educate my son and his
wife about circumcision which enabled them to break the cycle of
abuse and prevent the circumcision of my twin baby grandsons....I
believe with my heart and soul that ending circumcision is one of my
most important things I can do as a Jewish man. I am proud to join
with others who feel as I do.

I can't think of any single act that would help preserve the integrity of males 
and decrease violence in the world more than keeping boys intact as they 
were born to be.

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