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Name: Miriam Pollack, M.A.


Gender: Female

Religion: Judaism- Orthodox
Occupation: None Selected
Author and Educator in Judaic Studies
The questions posed by genital mutilation are larger and more
fundamental than simply which gender has been more damaged. To
challenge circumcision is to fundamentally challenge what it is to be
human. It means that we must acknowledge our babies' right to their
bodies. It means that we must acknowledge that babies do experience
pain and that pain is violence. Circumcision is deeply traumatic and
it is the responsibility of the parents to protect their children
from violence at all costs. Challenging circumcision is revolutionary
because it forces us to validate and allows us the possibility of
celebrating the full sexuality of our children as part of their
sacred inheritance. Challenging circumcision inevitably means
challenging the ancient notion of what is sacred. Re-naming the
sacred is the task which awaits us as we enter the Twenty-First
Century. It must be for life.

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