Pre-Montagu Resolution supporters of the right to bodily integrity

Below is a list of names of people who have publicly supported the right to genital integrity. To see more information about each supporter, click on the person's name.

Signature Name State/Province Country Awards/Prizes
Adler, Felix, Ph.D. (1851-1933)NY Germany
Freud, Sigmond, (1856-1939) Austria
Goethe Prize (1930)
Herzl, Theodor, (1860-1904) Austria
Lewis, Joseph, (1889-1968) USA
Reich, Wilhelm, MD (1897-1957) Austria
Spock, Benjamin, M.D. (1903-1998)CT USA
Humanist of the Year (1968)
Wald, George, Ph.D. (1906-1997)MA USA
Nobel Laureate (1967)
Physiology or Medicine
Wallerstein, Edward USA

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